Congratulations to Dr. Gray for being a Honorary Awardee for the Morton Bard Allied Professionals Award

Dr. Gray has worked to help victims of violence for many years. Whether it is through advocacy, professional development, or healthcare education, Dr. Gray is always looking at ways to improve the victim/patient experience. Dr. Gray believes that the only way that victims/patients will get the care services that they need is through comprehensive integrated healthcare services. During the pandemic, Dr. Gray has volunteered 10 hours a month to various causes. She has given free education, and free trainings to individual people or agencies that do not have the ability to pay for services.
Like many of the local businesses, Dr. Gray’s business also took a hit from economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. With our integrated healthcare educators not being able to enter into various agencies, agencies closing down, and even agencies losing their funding due to VAWA not being renewed, Dr. Gray continued to keep Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp relevant. By falling back on grassroots ways of solvency, agency, and networking, Dr. Gray kept the organization afloat. As the economy gets better, our organization will be able to do more incredible things for victims of violence. We are ready. We are so proud of what Dr. Gray has achieved. We congratulate her and commend her for her tireless dedication. Congratulations Dr. Gray!