Human Resources

Managing the personnel and support needs of the Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp

Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp is an equal opportunity employer.


The human resources division is part of the Healthcare Administration and Education Department, which also includes the Education Division. The focus of the divisions are on meeting the personnel and support needs of the our organization, in accordance with all applicable employment standards and labor laws. The overarching goal of the divisions are to develop and manage a diverse and skilled workforce.


Our operations include recruitment, volunteer opportunities, internships opportunities, career opportunities, training, performance assessments and evaluations. The division serves both Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp employees, and prospective employees.



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Seeking Two Skilled Interns for a Writing Internship (These Positions Have Been Filled):

Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp is an innovative, nationally recognized corporation, that is working to improve the care and treatment of victims of violent crimes. We are currently seeking two part-time content writers, for a 14-Week, unpaid internship.

About the position: We only have two positions. Thus, not only is the availability limited, but obtaining a position is highly competitive. The candidate best suited for this internship will be able to write one 600 to 800 word article per week. The candidate will be able to work from home, create their own schedules, but is required to meet the deadline dates for the 14 written articles. Edited and accepted articles will appear on either Paragon, the official E-Magazine for Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp or Paragon, the Website Trauma-Informed Blog. Interns may also be asked to help with research for topics, assist with letters to congress regarding VAWA, VOCA, or Fundraising campaigns for collaborating non-profit organizations.

Qualifications: The Best Candidate will have an AA or BA, or at minimum be a candidate for both. They should have strong writing and research skills. They must be able to meet deadlines, work independently, without a lot of guidance, be able to handle constructive criticism on their writing, engage in multiple re-writes of their work, and be able to follow explicit instructions.

Writing Topics: Writing topics and tasks are given to interns by a Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp Healthcare Educator. Writing must be of an academic quality with a minimum of 5 to 10 sources. All articles must be sourced by academic primary sources.

Additional Preferred Qualifications: Experience with creating a personal fundraising campaign, reaching target audiences, advocating for victims of violent crimes (esp. domestic violence, child abuse, hate crime prevention, medical abuse, and racism).

Start Date: We are hoping to get the positions filled by October 21st, 2021. After a brief orientation and onboarding, the 14-week writing internship will begin, ending on January 31st, 2022.

Post Internship: In addition to publications and by-lines in the corporation’s e-magazine, blog, or both, after the Intern has completed their internship project, they will receive a Certificate of Internship, a Letter of Assessment and Evaluation, if warranted, a letter of recommendation and a certificate of volunteer hours served to be used towards the presidential volunteer services award, or Americorp, or any other certifying volunteer organization.


Send a 150 to 200 word entry on domestic violence, child abuse, trauma, or healing, to with subject line: ATTN: HealthEd DIV. Separate from the 150 to 200 words, please include why you would like to take on this unpaid writer’s internship. Let us know is it for a school, experience or work. Finally, please let us know your age, education level, and your experience with working with victims of violent crimes.