Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp, founded in 2017, was created in response for the need for all providers who treat patients/clients to be trauma-informed. All too often, providers are leaving their schools, unprepared to deal with the plethora of scenarios and situations that working with patients/clients brings. Being trauma-informed is also mistakenly confused with mental health only. On the contrary, medical, mental health, non-sworn law enforcement, law enforcement, first responders and educators should be trauma-informed.

What is trauma-informed care? Being trauma-informed is recognizing and knowing how to treat an individual who has been affected by trauma in their lives. It is being culturally competent, in knowing how to care for individuals who may have transgenerational trauma or trauma from societal adversity. Being trauma-informed means that a provider is trained on how to speak to a patient to avoid retraumatization. Trauma-informed care is also knowing when to refer ones patient/client to individuals who are more skilled to service that patient’s/client’s needs.

One does not have to have mental health licensure to be trauma-informed. However, one does need to have the appropriate education within their respective arenas of care. Many providers are siloed and know insomuch, as to how to treat patients/clients in their given fields. Yet, beyond this, providers tend to need more guidance on what to do with an individual outside of their scope of knowledge.

Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services uses a patient-centered behavioral health model (PCBH) of care as the foundation by which various providers will learn trauma-informed care methodologies, techniques and modalities. In regards to facility organization, Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services utilizes the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) as the base-level for helping providers to build an integrated trauma-informed medical home.

Whether a Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp Educator comes to your organization, or whether you learn and get certified through our education portal, our service is hear to empower you and help you to deliver quality are. From Doctors of Behavioral Health, Medical Doctors, Licensed Therapists, Social Workers, Coordinators and Advocates, our company utilizes highly trained individuals to deliver excellent evidence-based, integrated, quality care education. Our service is great for managerial, clinical, administrative and operational personnel. Get Trauma-Informed Today!