Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp, founded in 2017, was created in response for the need for all providers who treat patients/clients to be trauma-informed. All too often, providers are leaving their universities and colleges, unprepared to deal with the plethora of scenarios and situations that working with patients/clients brings. Being trauma-informed is also mistakenly confused with mental health only. On the contrary, medical, mental health, non-sworn law enforcement, law enforcement, first responders and educators should be trauma-informed.

What is trauma-informed care? Being trauma-informed is recognizing and knowing how to treat an individual who has been affected by trauma in their lives. It is being culturally competent, in knowing how to care for individuals who may have transgenerational trauma or trauma from societal adversity. Being trauma-informed means that a provider is trained on how to speak to a patient to avoid re-traumatization. Trauma-informed care is also knowing when to refer ones patient/client to individuals who are more skilled to service that patient’s/client’s needs.

Our organization consists of behavioral health consultants, healthcare educators and consultants, and forensic consultants that are ready and able to help train you or your staff in evidence-based methods. We build customized trainings, consultations, webinars, seminars, or create/update management systems. When we work with you, our consultants and educators keep your organization’s needs and your population’s needs in mind at all time. Our team is comprised of some of the best and award-winning subject-matter experts in our region. We have collaborated and worked with various agencies across the nation in efforts to improve care, establish better care, lower costs, move towards health equity, and help providers and their clients to have more satisfaction after service.

At Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp, we believe that it is important to acknowledge and implement policies and practices that keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront. We work with many different types of agencies to help them improve diversity and inclusion in their companies. Being culturally-competent is a must for any provider working with victims of violence. Thus, having an organization like Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp handle the professional and leadership development trainings, gets our client(s) and consultee(s) engaging with their populations more effectively and harmoniously.

Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services uses both the Patient-Centered Behavioral Health Model (PCBH) of care as well as the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) of care. We help providers understand what victims of violence may need physically and emotionally. We teach providers how to collaborate with their populations on care services they need. We teach providers how to provide evidence-based practice, and what they can use to test the efficacy of their new found professional or leadership development. We teach victim services providers how to provide resources and referrals, collaborate, and work more effectively and efficiently within their scope of practice.

Our organization believes that all victim services agencies are like patient-centered medical homes (PCMH). As a result, we use this model as our base-level understanding for all companies within the field of victim, human and help services. The PCMH model proports that standardize procedures and streamline processes, are a benefit to the client/patient populations. This is why the staff here are trained in various lean six sigma methodologies with much of the staff being lean six sigma green or black belts in healthcare. The PCMH model also encourages operational staff to be able to work at the top of their knowledge, skills, and ability. Using trauma-informed care methodologies, patient-centered models, and patient-centered medical homes as the foundation of our services, helps us to help your organization improve in the way you want it.

When dealing with victims one has to have a keen understanding of how the law enforcement process works, how to collaborate with lawyers, and medical providers, and how to get the client the resources they need. Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp has forensic consultants, certified law enforcement administrators, and victim services providers who are associate service providers and members of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp has received awards from the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. This organization works to lobby for victims of violence at the state and federal level by participating in policy and law making for victims of crimes.

Our organization is hear to help your organization make your staff more effective, efficient, and improve on their care services for your organizations Population. Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp is here to empower you and help you to deliver on your company’s mission, vision and values. From Doctors of Behavioral Health, Medical Doctors, Licensed Therapists, Social Workers, Coordinators and Advocates, our company utilizes highly trained individuals to deliver the evidence-based, integrated, quality care education and professional and leadership development you need. Our services are great for personal development, or managerial, clinical, administrative and operational staff training. Get Trauma-Informed Today!