Welcome to Gray’s Achievement Training Academy. Our courses are designed to assist individuals in learning the latest evidence-based research on various topics that professionals and individuals encounter in their day to day lives. Our comprehensive courses are taught by award-winning clinician-researchers, veteran practitioners in the field and well-educated and well-informed individuals dedicated to providing quality, trauma-informed care, to victims of violent crime, patients with psychophysiological concerns and general day to day stresses.

At our academy, we also provide comprehensive custom courses, designed to assist organizations in empowering the providers with the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. During the 2020 pandemic, our custom workshops and mini conferences, have been redesigned, to make it easier for providers to get the training and education they need. Our new online learning environment allows us to reach providers during the pandemic, while still having the feel of our traditional in-person format. (Please note: Due to the Coronavirus 2020 pandemic, the in-person format has been altered to live Zoom forums).


Getting Trauma Informed 101
Learn the fundamental principles of trauma informed care. 55 min course. Exam. Certificate of Completion and 1.50 Credit Hours. Instructor: Dr. Amber D. Gray, CCFDVC, DBH | $210.00

Positive Parenting
Learn the fundamental principles, ideology and basic techniques behind positive parenting. 55 min course. Exam. Certificate of Completion and 1.50 Credit Hours Instructor: Tabitha M. Chapman, AMFT, APCC, CCA |$250.00

Intermediate Positive Parenting
Learn intermediate, evidence-based methods for positively impacting and enriching your children’s’ lives. Prerequisite: PPC Course C1-101 55 min course. Exam. Certificate of Completion. 1.50 Credit Hours. |$275.00

Professionalism in the Workplace
Learning to keep and maintain professionalism at work. 35 min course. .50 Credit Hours Instructor: Tabitha M. Chapman, AMFT, APCC, CCA |$50.00

What is Domestic Violence Advocacy?
This is the first course towards becoming an domestic violence advocate. Fundamentals of Advocacy. 40 min course. Exam. Credit Hour Validation only. 5.0 Credit Hours. |$50.00

Working with Sex Offenders: Forensic Typology
Learn the latest evidence-based information on sex offender typology, why they do what they do; what you as a provider can do to keep yourselves safe, policy, law, and provider impact. 6 Hour Workshop. 7.5 Credit Hours. 7 professional development units. Instructor: Multi-Instructor (Live-Forum) format. |$175.00

Ethics in Victim Advocacy
Learn the foundational principles of victim advocacy. What codes of ethics are victim advocates beholden to? How to be a more effective practitioner. 45 min. course. Ethics Exam. 1 Credit Hour. Instructor: Various |$75.00

Integrated Behavioral Health 101
Integrated behavioral healthcare is vast innovative field, that crosses into many arenas. There is much confusion about what integrated behavioral health is. This course is designed to assist providers in understanding the field of integrated behavioral health, the positives of the field, and how person-centered care is more effective than other methods. This introductory course covers best practices, insider perspectives, career pathway assistance and much more. 3 hour course. Exam. 4 Credit Hours. Instructor: Dr. Amber D. Gray, CCFDVC, DBH. | $275.00

Understanding Cults SPS_Cults_180
Have you ever wondered about cults? What were cults, how does one find themselves in a cult, or even, how to discern if an organization is a cult. This course assists providers who work with victims of cults. By understanding the basics of cults, what is done to the victim to alter their sense of self, safety, or even understanding of the world, you will be a better provider for this specific patient population. As part of our special populations series, “Understanding Cults 180,” will increase your effectiveness, and skillset. 1.5 hour course. Exam. 2 Credit Hours. 2 PDUs. Instructor: Tabitha M. Chapman, AMFT, APCC, CCA | $175.00

The Psychological Effects on Victims of Cultic Abuse SPS_Cults_182
What victims of cults go through is horrific. Stripped of ones identity, made to be confused about ones certainties, having ones trust and boundaries broken over and over again, being in a cult takes a psychologically damaging toll on a victim. The psychological effects on victims of cultic abuse are far reaching. It could take several years to help a victim get back to a healthy place. This course was designed for providers who work with victims of cultic abuse in a therapeutic or healing setting. While anyone can take the course, the course focuses on therapeutic techniques, non-cult word usage and making the therapeutic environment a safe place for victims of cultic crimes. 2.5 hour course. 3 Credit Hours. 3 PDUs. Instructor: Tabitha M. Chapman, AMFT, APCC, CCA | $285.00

Cults… Ritualistic Abuse, Survival & Recovery Workshop SPS_Cults_184
This workshop is to help providers who work with cult victims understand how their clients were brought into the cult, brainwashed, compromised and stripped of all of their sense of safety. Building upon the special population series on Cults SPS_Cults_180, SPS_Cults_182, this workshop is designed to give providers intimate knowledge and details of the indoctrination process in cults, from start to finish. Providers will also learn about what it is like to be in a cult, the types of abuses experienced within a cult and how the journey of healing may not be a straight line from A to Z. Like SPS_Cults_182, this workshop is designed for therapeutic practitioners with cult survivor clients. While all providers are welcomed to take the course, some materials may not be relevant to care providers who do not practice therapy. 4.5 Hours. 5 Credit Hours. 4 PDUs. Instructor: Tabitha M. Chapman, AMFT, APCC, CCA | $300.00

Temporary notice: As we migrate online, due to covid-19 measures, please contact us at or to purchase courses not yet viewable in the academy portal. We will let you know how to access and take the course(s) with one or more of our amazing educators.