Our Services

Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services provides evidence-based, trauma-informed courses that are designed to assist providers in becoming more efficacious in their treatment of various patient/client populations. Courses are taken through Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services’ Achievement Academy.

The Achievement Academy provides traditional, web-based, and on-site training, personal and professional development for learners. Whether a learner wants to take a course to better themselves, to collect credit and training hours, professional development units and (in the nearby future) continuing education units, the Achievement Academy has a course for you.

Special Note Regarding Traditional and On-Site Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Traditional and On-site learning will follow CDC and local guidelines. This includes practicing social distancing, providing individual copies of worksheets where applicable, and using proper PPE.

There are many types of courses that can be taken at the Achievement Academy.

Subjects include, but are not limited to:
• How to advocate and properly refer patients and
• Trauma-Informed Information on treating and caring
for specific patient populations.
• Issues and situations administrative and operational
providers may run into, dealing with victim services
and appropriate resolutions.
• Women and Violence
• How to avoid retraumatizing patients
• Integrated Care Solutions for Psychobiomedical
Care Professionals.
• Working with care providers with PTSD.
• Role confusion.
• Avoiding Egoism in the workplace.
• What is professional advocacy?
• How do you start an independent practice?
• Becoming your best self
• and many more topics.

Our courses may have skill or learning pathways, that lead to a stronger credential, at the end of the set of courses. The Skill and Learning Pathway courses are more time consuming and require more rigorous testing to achieve credentialing. Courses within the Skill or Learning Pathways can be taken individually if one would just like to earn CEs for their career.

Our parenting courses are unique to our personal development programs. These courses assist individuals, who are striving to be better parents, or care providers for children, in being more effective in their practices. Whether you are a care provider or a parent, our parenting courses can help you learn the latest, evidence-based models, in best practices for the treatment of children.

If you work in advocacy, law enforcement, non-sworn law enforcement, human or social services or are a medical professional, the Achievement Academy has courses that are designed to assist you in your field. Too often, training is solely designed to assist therapeutic practitioners in treating their clients. Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services, has designed courses, with intention, for the improvement of care services, outside of counseling psychology. While therapist, or counseling providers can take courses to improve their skillset within their industry, our organization has taken a collaborative and allied health approach to training care services providers.

We hope that you will enjoy the services that our organization provides. We care about patients/clients/providers/law enforcement and other care agents. It is our hope that our services can be a large part of your journey to become a more effective leader within your profession.


There is a membership level that fits everyone’s needs

Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services also offers five levels of professional membership, Prospector, Green, Red, Blue and Black. Depending upon your Professional membership (PM) level, you receive various perks and benefits associated with our organization. PM levels are important to any organization. First and foremost, it keeps the organization holding itself to higher standards. PMs, also keep the organization on top of what “we,” the organization and “you,” the stakeholders want from us.

Explorers : We understand, it is difficult to know if you want to be a stakeholder within an organization. As a consumer, one invests a lot of themselves to begin with. This is why, our trainees can register with Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services (GTICS) and stay at this membership level, if this is all that is needed. At the explorer level, trainees can still take trainings and receive certificates. Training to be a quality provider is essential, and should be available to members of all levels.

Green: Like all professional memberships, joining at higher levels, gives you benefits and perks. When you join GTICS, as a Green level, two free upskill trainings, and 1 personal improvement training, will be granted to you free of charge, per membership year. Green members will also have access to our biannual integrated behavioral healthcare e-Magazine: Paragon.

Red: Members will be to receive two free upskill trainings, 1 personal improvement training, earn 4 free professional development units (PDUs), receive our biannual integrated behavioral healthcare e-Magazine: Paragon and receive 15% off of the cost of trainings.

Blue: While not the highest, blue level trainees get a lot of great benefits. The Blue PM level sees its members having exclusive access to the Healthcare Educators, Researchers and Allied Professionals (HERA) Network. There, they will be able to connect and interact with individuals all across the United States. Blue PM holders receive 8 free credit hours, 8 free professional development units, receive our biannual integrated behavioral healthcare e-Magazine: Paragon and receive 25% off the costs of trainings.

Black: The highest level of our professional memberships is black. Trainees at the black PM level receive exclusive access to our Healthcare Educators, Researchers and Allied Professionals(HERA) Network. There they will be able to connect and interact with individuals all across the United States, who work to make a difference in the lives of patients, victims and other special populations. At the black PM level, members will also receive up to 12 credit hours of free continuing education, 8 free professional development units, 2 personal improvement trainings, receive our biannual integrated behavioral healthcare e-Magazine: Paragon, and can receive up to 35% off of the costs of trainings.