Our Vision: To improve upon providers’ skills, so that patients receive the best quality of care.

Our Mission: To administer quality educational services for care services providers that improve upon their ability to care for their patients and clients, empower them to engage in evidence-based best practices, and to maintain satisfaction in services for both patients and providers.

Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp was founded in 2017, to assist integrated care providers in keeping abreast of the latest in evidence-based trauma-informed care research, modalities, methods and treatments. Located in Lake Elsinore, California, with a team of highly educated, crisis and trauma-informed care providers, from various arenas, Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp empowers providers, so they can take better care of the patients/clients in their communities.

As an organization, the educators at Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp knows that providers come from all branches of the medical and mental health industry. This is why the organization specializes in educating individuals on evidence-based trauma-informed methods, so that providers engage in best practices.

Whether you are non-sworn law enforcement, law enforcement, clinical counseling, social work or community health, it is imperative that you remain trauma-informed. Being trauma informed means that you will provide improved care, better care and engage in effective treatment methods that keep costs low at your facility.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr. Seuss