Beyond the Call to Service: Spotlight on Dr. Anchal Goyal

Going into an area of study that one knows little about, is not an easy decision to make. Yet, when Dr. Anchal Goyal had an opportunity to change course and enter into victim services, she did just that. Dr. Goyal was sure that she wanted to work with victims of violent crimes. She wanted to help victims get out of their situation, and create long lasting changes that would benefit the survivors throughout the course of their lives. Dr. Goyal wanted first hand experience working with victim service agencies. She began an internship with Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp, where she worked closely with healthcare educators, or Dr. Gray, the CEO of the organization.

Dr. Goyal worked as a research and content author, writing about various topics of concern for victim populations. Dr. Goyal worked within the frameworks given to her, to create integrated healthcare articles of interests for integrated healthcare professionals. During her internship, Dr. Goyal earned extra hours engaged in research and projects for organizations like the Freedom Train Project Incorporated, RAINN, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) program for the United States Marine Corp, and the Solano Advocates Against Violence, to name just a few.

To make Dr. Goyal’s feats more incredible, she did this all while going to school to finish her Master of Public Policy Arts degree. She went above and beyond the call of service. Dr. Goyal worked several hours a week, taking in as much knowledge as she could, and sharing her research findings with individuals who are interested. Dr. Goyal worked enough hours to earn herself the bronze presidential volunteer service award medallion. As part of her internship, Dr. Goyal was a part of the Volunteer Services Unit (VSU) for Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp. Dr. Goyal lent her expertise to our collaborating entities and networks, and was often praised for her hard work and efficiency. When Dr. Goyal was asked why she wanted to change careers, she stated, “Working with victims of violence is something I am really passionate about. I love to help people out. I am learning a lot and hope to continue to learn.” Dr. Goyal also loved learning about cultural competency, and what marginalized communities go through. Her article entitled, “Violence against African Americans: Barriers to Care and Culturally Competent Solutions,” offered information on the experience of African Americans who are victims of violent crimes. Dr. Goyal often expressed that working as an intern for Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp, taught her a lot about situations that she wasn’t aware of and how individuals had to cope with the complexities of violent crimes, and the interventions to follow. In her future research, Dr. Goyal is hoping to be able to make positive changes for victims, through shifts in policy and creating policies that take into account the entire person, their experiences, and how those experiences shape those individual’s identities. Post-pandemic, many smaller victim advocacy agencies had a difficult time maintaining staff members. Individuals were still catching covid, and the supply of workers was short. Though Dr. Goyal was already stretched to her limits, she offered to step in as a volunteer for any organization that needed it. Dr. Goyal’s efforts included building a safety database, and research on victims of sexual assault in the military. Again, Dr. Goyal was going above the call of service, to ensure that victim service agencies and victims were able to get the care services they needed.

“Working with victims of violence is something I am really passionate about. I love to help people out. I am learning a lot and hope to continue to learn.”

Dr. Anchal Goyal

Because of her stalwart efforts, and continued eagerness to learn how to help victims of violence from all walks of life, Dr. Goyal earned the Trauma Informed World service medallion from our organization. This award is not easily doled out, and individuals who have received it, have contributed in a positive manner to helping those who are victims of domestic violence, violent crimes, or healthcare inequity. The organization was honored to have Dr. Goyal on our team in the short time she was with the organization. Dr. Goyal has completed her internship, and graduated with distinguishment. We are so proud to have gotten to know her and to have read her work. We also would like to share a brief note from our CEO.

“Working with Dr. Goyal was a pleasure. Her attention to detail and dedication to the organization’s mission, vision, and values was not unnoticed. Dr. Goyal’s pleasant personality, and willingness to do difficult tasks, while having to work, be a mom, and finish school, was nothing short of astonishing. Shine on, Dr. Goyal! We thank you so much for your time at Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services Corp.” – Dr. Amber D. Gray, DBH

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