Is Training for Health Consultation, Professional and Personal Development still possible in the Age of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The short answer is, yes! As consumers it has been difficult looking for places where one can get credit hours, continuing education units, or professional development units. There have been many businesses, that have temporarily closed, due to social distancing, isolation or quarantining requirements. It puts a strain on care providers who need training sooner than later. Here at Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services, we are empathetic to what is going on in the world of healthcare, mental health, law enforcement and human and social services agencies. There are not many people who are able to still provide standardized, evidence-based education and training to providers in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

One must understand, that it is not because companies don’t want to service the multitude of care practitioners that need assistance, it is that it is difficult to meet the needs of consumers, when the interruption in our social norms was so abrupt. The fact that Gray’s Trauma-Informed Care Services, strives to work from an integrated and collaborative care model, assists our educators in networking with organizations who need their staff trained asap, when face-to-face contact is not a possibility. Our online platform, helps us to be able to navigate and meet this need.

We know that your care services agency isn’t going to stop getting clients and patients. Domestic violence and child abuse is on the rise. More people are dealing with trauma due to the pandemic, an increase in hate crimes and natural disasters. Hospitals are becoming overcrowded, fueling anxieties. This is why we are here to help care providers to continue educating themselves on how to be more effective, more efficient and more trauma informed for their patient populations.

Taking the first step is how you begin your journey to becoming a more trauma informed you. Our educators are here to help your organization, or individual learners with their needs. Please be patient with us, as we bring our services to the online world, to help you get what you need safely, remotely, and without causing virus transmission to your fellow care providers. We will be able to help you on your personal, professional and health consultation training, soon.

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